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Whisker wanted Gorrie to create a tech driven display that educates shoppers about their advanced pet care products. Whisker's Litter- Robot is more than a traditional bathroom for furry felines, it is an autonomous experience that brings efficiency to a seldom seen part of your cat's daily life. Traditionally, one would hide their litterbox in the basement, or a laundry room, far away from any social setting.  Whisker has solved the issue of aesthetics of what one would expect to see by creating a technologically savvy and attractive piece that suits any home.


They have targeted the market where there is an option of enhancing your space with this sleek design that’s mess free, scent neutralizing and allows you to never scoop again. Since the year 2000, over a million people have upgraded to the Litter-Robot, it is the highest rated self cleaning litter box on the market according to Time, New York Post, and Forbes. 


To fully explain the benefits of these smart and connected products, Whisker wanted to create a destination that has the ability to covey multiple messages in a dynamic manner. The overall Shop-In-Shop showcases various product zones and an interactive screen so customers can learn about new service offerings while also capturing key data for the brand. The structure itself was built to last, with adjustable shelving and updatable graphics. The modular wall system with its discreet shelf mounting points allowed for shelf and peg configurations to suit shifting planograms and display additions. The entire Shop-In-Shop for Whisker also provides multiple eye-catching related products that complement one another, solving all of your pet's needs.

High tech consumer products often require high level retail solutions to properly convey key benefits quickly while fully tell the brand story.

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