About Us.

When was the last time a brand experience surprised and delighted you?

Creating truly remarkable brand experiences requires a deep understanding of brand, customer, channel, and region.  We approach strategy through multiple touch points:







End of Life

We are artists and craftsmen.

Our design process is a balance of function, imagination and storytelling. Our team is equipped with the tools for physical and environmental design by our Industrial Designers and Engineers and digital design and content development by our Graphic designers and Coders. Our aim is to combine both physical and digital design into a holistic solution.

Trust and confidence are big words. These are words we live by.

Sophisticated processes and operational brilliance allow our team to deliver competitively in price, speed to market, globally, locally, online and offline, for a project at any scale. We deliver results in:





Data Management

Field Services


what we can do for you

Environments & Pop-Ups

Creating experiences through managing the process from start to finish. Designs of temporary, exhibit, trade show and pop-up environments. Supporting you in the creation, design, build, and event logistics management.  From set-up to tear down, we’ve got you covered.


Designing, creating, and delivering solutions for merchandising and point of sale with retailers.  Developing programs that entertain, educate,engage and help close the sale.  Our process of smart design, engineering and total cost solution as well as our vast experience in product end-of-life and new product updates makes Gorrie one of the most experienced point-of-sale agencies, in the world.


Once your experience is created, we fabricate retail systems so that you can roll-out new retail environments systematically with brand consistency.  A solution for franchise retailers, national and international roll-outs, dealers, and independent channels.

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