A quick look at CES 2023

After a two-year lull, where companies were delicately dancing around, and deciding where to invest their marketing funds, particularly in trade shows, it was wonderful to see the busy buzz of brands representing themselves on the show floor at CES in Las Vegas!  Once again, the show was a mecca for all things new and innovative in the world of consumer electronics, it offered attendees the opportunity to scour the endless rows in multiple venues to see which products will soon be enriching our lives. The overall experience of in-person is back with a vengeance, and everyone was excited to be there to see what the industry has to offer.


Not only was CES an opportunity to meet with colleagues and industry experts, but it was a chance to hear first-hand from professionals on how products impact and improve our day-to-day life. 

Industry Experts / Sustainability

Panasonic presented their smart home services with Mike Holmes at the helm, speaking and guiding the audience to the benefits of green, smart, and connected at home. The focus was on sustainability and the planet, on improved air quality in houses, and overall responsible solutions.  This is something that resonates with Gorrie, our commitment to green initiatives and energy efficiencies is a top priority for the company and team. We pride ourselves on using sustainable procurement to ensure that corporate purchasing reflects broader goals linked to improved resources, climate change, social responsibility, and economic resilience.  


The Experience

A client of Gorrie’s, Audio Technica, replicated their in-store experience by producing a listening lounge. Not only was this intimate and interactive, but it also offered the perfect little break from the hustle and bustle of the show. Visitors were invited to take a seat in their private lounge, select which headphone they wanted to try and test it out. The product range showcased their product portfolio from base models up to their top-tier options. When it’s all about the experience, Audio Technica was right on the mark on a solution that provided the consumer with options that bested suited them, for work or leisure.


Immersive Environments

Ultimately, every brand was vying for attention from passersby and the number of seamless, eye-catching LED walls were everywhere you looked. Large corporations had massive footprints that created immersive visual environments to truly draw you in. Movement, colors, lights and sounds, were all a major factor. When designing solutions for our clients, Gorrie’s creative and engineering teams push to innovate while adding unique visuals and audio stimuli to help tell the brand story. We understand the importance of capturing the attention of an audience, drawing them in, encouraging them to interact, and providing them with enough data to make an informed buying decision, all while doing so in a high caliber experience that is reflective of our client partners’ standards.  


Whether 2023 is an opportunity for you to splurge or save, CES highlighted the best cutting edge offerings that brands have to offer. If you have the chance to attend next year in person, I highly recommend it.


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