A Joyful Seasonal Pop-Up Destination



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The holiday season is always the perfect time to pick out those special gifts and goodies for family and friends. Gorrie was proud to work with Ferrero on their custom in-store displays that brought magic to life in a unique seasonal shop-in-shop. This one-stop boutique style fixture provided the perfect look and paid homage to those beautifully curated European candy shops.


The unit has adjustable shelving, a centre showcase display, and individual downlighting highlighting the floating shelves. The ask from the client was to execute their vision, which allowed for a fully permanent piece that could be refreshed multiple times all while highlighting their products and branding. Gorrie worked on three projects simultaneously bringing the idea to life. Each zone has an exclusive visual with a 360-degree experience. The graphics are magnetic, making them easy to update, and provide messaging in both English and French for the target markets. Gorrie is an expert in multi-material sourcing, we used a combination of powder-coated metal, glass and acrylic, plus gold plated hardware to match the branding and stunning decorative design.


This was a fun and exciting build because it highlights the joyous "gift-giving" season and when not in use, Gorrie provide storage for Ferrero, an ideal and convenient service offering! These gift-giving displays go beyond merchandising, they are pieces of art, that create the mood for the season. If you are looking for a similar solution, large or small scale, we’d love to partner with you and support you on your initiative.


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