A Premium Appliance Experience with LG



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LG selected Gorrie as their partner of choice to support the national launch of the LG Signature line in Costco, a truly elevated lifestyle brand of appliances.

This project was extremely detail oriented and showcased the duo of art and technology in a premium display.  From the rose gold finishes, paired with custom metalwork, the LG Costco Bay program showcased the intuitive and outstanding functionality of LG in a highly engineered experience built and designed by Gorrie.

Over 45 large scale units were rolled out simultaneously and built to be interchangeable for both kitchen and laundry products. Gorrie used layered backlighting as well as textured matte black wall panels which were unique to the design aesthetic. The units are engineered to last upwards of 7 years with an emphasis on compliance and efficient implementation.

Our goal was to promote the essence that LG Signature products are built to last, designed to impress, and have now been given a place to shine in this stunning vignette.

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