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Celebrating another great project which highlights the diversity of Gorrie and our dedication to our clients.


October was a busy month for the Gorrie team.  Over the past few weeks, we have been collaborating with Google on the design, build and install of their new booth for the Best Buy Vendor Partner Event.  As you know, Google is a highly impactful and innovative brand so their presence at this show needed to showcase this and captivate their audience. Our Creative Director created an eye-catching display with details focusing on integrated lighting and an inviting experience. Gorrie’s goal was to interrupt the gaming space, mixing and matching unique finishes while keeping elements of the client’s core branding in place. Defined interactive zones, and immersive structural elements combined to create a display that encourages exploration.


The functionality of the space and purpose was to conceptualize a kit that set the tone for their activation tour. The overall set-up had to be shipped on a pallet and deployed for various events throughout the year. The kit included multiple power management systems, clear signage, multiple tables to capture the imagination of the PC gamer audience in tandem with being an inviting space for patrons to explore new and upcoming gaming products. Each component of the event kit featured unique key visuals to draw visitors in and facilitate interac­tion.


Many of the elements in the event kit can be custom tailored for each deploy­ment. Graphic panels, themed design panels, and layout, to ensure that with each event, the Google booth remains fresh and un­expected.


“Everyone was very engaged on the Chromebook Booth and really into the gaming atmosphere created. Thank you for making this happen on time and executing this well. The team loved the design as it really stood out against the rest of the booths at the event.”

- Google Canada

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