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Sporting Life, MEC, HBC and Sports Ex


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New Balance entrusted Gorrie to support them on the launch of their new shop-in-shop portfolio of displays, showcasing transformative video content into a live experience in over 40 locations across Canada. The objective was to increase brand awareness for their apparel lines through multiple retail channels. Gorrie’s design was heavily inspired by visual elements from promotional reels, pulling athletic inspiration while emphasizing the energy and mood of the campaign.  This unique and holistic approach delivered a modular merchandising kit offering equal distribution to suit varying store formats.


The fixtures were deployed in Sporting Life, MEC, HBC and Sports Ex as a toolbox to re-introduce apparel while motivating and inspiring consumers. The new showcases captured the energy and culture of New Balance, amplifying the mood while incorporating floating branding.  Overall, this co-creative concept effectively captured the essence of the brand while exhibiting their full range of products, giving consumers a reason to step into New Balance again.


The display program was made of metal and was modular to allow for graphics to be easily replaced in-store to ensure the displays were relevant to all campaigns New Balance was running.

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